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Length options



Half day or 4 hours.

$75 per person

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One day or 8 hours. ACA Level 1, 2, & 3.

$150 per person

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Two days or 16 hours. ACA level  4.

$300 per person


Choose Your Learning Destination

Welcome! Please choose from the courses that are already on the calendar or contact me to add a new service. Private/ charter group instruction is available as well as courses open to the public. NNWW offers ACA Level 4 certified instruction in Swiftwater Rescue & Rafting. The base cost to operate a private course is $300 a day for 1- 2 people, and $150 per person per day thereafter. Level 4 Swiftwater Rescue courses start at $150 per person per day. Course fees do not include ACA Membership or boat rentals. Rowing Clinic Raft Rentals can be requested on your booking form and are $100 per course, SWR course costs include the use of NNWW rafts/ IK.

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