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Illinois River Clean Up Apr 27 & 28, 2024

" illyfest "

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          A Fundraiser for The Dome School   
in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest     




illyfest is soliciting donations from outdoor recreation retailers and the boating community as a fundraiser for the Dome School, a local non profit. All donations are tax deductible. In the interest of complete transparency and for accounting purposes, all donations are inventoried including Item, Donor, Fair Market or Retail Value, and Date Pledged. Each donor will receive a receipt. Profits from the event will be announced publicly and gifted to the Dome School no later than 10 business days after the event.

Donations will be used:

1) To be raffled off at the Celebration on Saturday evening to raise funds.

2) Awarded as prizes to verified 1st place race winners at the Celebration.

It is the donor’s income tax responsibility to determine deductibility and/or obtain valuation, the dollar figure provided on the receipt is for donor recognition and accounting purposes only.

Contact Nicole Smedegaard (971) 235-3693


Celebration at 6 Mile

 illyfest celebration will be from 4 pm to 10 pm at Six Mile 

Saturday April 27

4 pm FOOD TRUCK open

5 pm AWARDS CEREMONY Race winners announced

6 pm RAFFLE begins




Contact Travis Garnier (541) 415 -4820

Yummy food!

illyfest is partnered with Grip N Grub Food Cart to offer Taco bar dinner Saturday night, to go sack BLT lunches Sat & Sun, and breakfast Sunday morning. Food tickets are for sale on site in $5 cash increments and sack lunches can be reserved/ purchased ahead of time.

  • Starts Apr 27

    15 US dollars

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  • Starts Apr 28

    15 US dollars

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Raffle 6pm Saturday

$1 each or 25 tickets for $20

illyfest  raffle rules:

1) Participants must be present to win and have their winning ticket in hand

2) Event Organizers are not eligible to enter the raffle

3) Winning tickets will be announced up to 3 times orally before re-draw

4) Winning ticket numbers will be available in written format

5) Red carded individuals may not win raffle prizes, see event rules

Registered Land Based Volunteers, Boat Based Volunteers & Race Safety Team Volunteers

receive 20 free raffle tickets per person

Contact Mariah Dee (541) 291 -6633


Race Schedule

illyfest WHITEWATER RACES Sat Apr 27, 11:00 - 12:30

There must be a minimum of 3 watercraft per category to compete

Event Organizers reserve the right to alter categories based on turn out

AIRE Rapid Grand Prix Rules & Classes

8:00 AM: Registration Opens (Location: Six Mile Day Use Area)
10:00 AM: Registration Closes

Mandatory Safety Meeting at put in 15 minutes before each launch


11:00 Hard boats

11:30 R2 Round Boat, R2 Paddle Cat

12:00 IK, Pack raft, SUP, Tube, River Board
12:30 Oar Rafts Round Boat, Oar Rafts Cat Boat

1:00 R4 Rafts, round boat only

Contact Josh Isengale (541) 287 -0027


Clean Up Schedule

illyfest River Clean Up 

Sun Apr 28, 10:00 - 3:00


Boat Based teams:

8 Dollar Put in to 6 Mile (Team 8 Dollar)
6 Mile to Ring Beach (Team 6 Mile)
Low Water Bridge to Miami Bar (Team Low Bridge)


Land & Vehicle based volunteer teams:
6 Mile (Team Sixes)
Ring Beach (Team Ringers)
Miami Bar (Team Miamis)

Contact Angie Furhmann (480) 818 -3649


Sign Up Forms

illyfest Registered Volunteers receive 20 free raffle tickets!

1st Place Winners of Races will receive Prizes at the Awards Ceremony

Boat Based Clean Up -Volunteer

Shore Based Clean Up - Volunteer

Race Safety Team - Volunteer

Race Registration

Pledge a Donation

Volunteer Shifts sign up

About illyfest


The Illinois River in southern Oregon is a world-class whitewater paddling destination for both private boaters and commercial outfitters. A tributary of the Rogue, Illinois River conservation efforts are focussed locally through the Kalmiopsis Guides Association and Rogue Riverkeeper, a program of KS Wild. Protection under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act in 1984 and designation of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness in 1964 allows paddle sports enthusiasts to enjoy an overnight whitewater wilderness trip through spectacular scenery, including rare endemic plants and otherworldly Serpentine soils. Upstream of this overnight Wilderness gem, the Scenic stretch through the Rogue Siskiyou National Forest along the Illinois River Road sees an annual accumulation of garbage that volunteers and boaters at illyfest aim to prevent from entering the Wilderness.



It is heartbreaking for locals and paddlers to see the quantity of garbage that piles up in this outstanding stretch of river annually. Josephine county has issues with abandoned trailers and tires being dumped along forest roads, perched along banks of streams such as Rough and Ready Creek and Deer Creek. These tributaries feed into the Illinois River and the garbage runoff travels downstream during high water events. In addition to the dumping problem, Illinois River Road is a wildly popular recreation area during summer months. Emerald swimming holes  attract bumper to bumper parking along the roadway and the river banks are loved to death, leaving behind trash.



illyfest, a small annual river clean up event put on by local boaters, is growing this year to include a fundraiser for the Dome School, a local non profit school that “works hand-in-hand with families to ignite a lifelong love of learning and a deep caring for the diversity of humanity and the natural world.” Funding will aid programming that gets kids outside.



This year, illyfest is an event for boaters by boaters, who are volunteering to collect and carry the garbage on whitewater rafts from the riparian zone and river bed. The community is invited to volunteer with us for land based or boat based clean up efforts. Local boat builder SOTAR Whitewater Manufacturing will have demo boats available for volunteers to use during the event. Volunteers can enjoy an after party at Six Mile Campground, where a raffle will raise funds for the Dome School. Before the raffle, prizes will be awarded for the largest diameter tire collected and to first place winners of the whitewater races.


Date: April 27 & 28, 2024

Cause: Fundraiser for the Dome School

Itinerary: Raft based litter clean up, whitewater races, celebration

Join   illyfest  mailing list

Your contact info will only be used for Illinois Clean Up Event updates and planning.

Thanks for being a part of the event!



illyfest EVENT RULES in place 8am Saturday until 5 pm Sunday along the Illinois River Road and waterway between 6 Mile and Miami Bar Access. Siskiyou Field Institute and "Boy scout Camp" properties are also included.

In addition to all local, state, and federal regulations and repercussions, you will be red carded by event organizers for the following:

  • Discharging firearms or fireworks during the event

  • Physical, sexual, or verbal assault

  • Dogs off leash, dog fights

RED CARDS include the following consequences to your actions:

  • No Raffle Prizes Awarded, forfeiture of any money spent on tickets

  • No Race Prizes or placement

  • No participation in future illyfest events 

illyfest RULES

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