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NNWW provides whitewater rafting instruction to the public in the form of Skills Development, Safety, and Swiftwater Rescue Courses for outdoor adventure enthusiasts operating their own watercraft. I offer accessible instruction that meets the need of the participant, from new boaters to experienced boaters ready to learn advanced skillsets or a different craft. Nature Nicole Whitewater LLC operates as a Guide and Instructor, not an outfitter. Rental fleets and demo boats are available from other business in southern Oregon, see the Resources Page for more ideas if you require outfitting.

How do I sign up?


Pick an ACA Level

"ACA Level" skills courses are taught on water that is one class easier in accord with ACA standards.

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Choose a Service

Contact Nicole to schedule a date for the service of your choice. The booking calendar shows availability.

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Book a course online

Some services already have a course date set and are available for the public to book online anytime.


What is the American Canoe Association? (ACA)

NNWW offers Level 4 ACA Certified Instruction in the disciplines of Whitewater Rafting (Oar & Paddle) as well as Swiftwater Rescue. ACA sanctioned courses carry liability insurance, which is a fantastic benefit! Participants must be ACA Event Members or Annual Members; you will need to complete the “AMERICAN CANOE ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP FORM” and make a small payment. This ACA form is both your Liability Waiver and your Membership. I must collect this item from you before running the ACA course! You may choose EITHER:

ACA Annual Membership ($40) To have your certificate read “Certificate of Completion” and your credentials be entered into the ACA database. If you plan on taking other ACA courses or becoming an instructor eventually, this is a good option. Complete annual membership registration on the ACA website, make the $40 payment to ACA, and turn in a copy of your Membership Form/ Liability Waiver to me either as a hard copy or email attachment. https://americancanoe.org/join/individuals/#tab_1

ACA Event Membership ($10) To have your certificate read “Certificate of Participation” and your info will NOT be saved in the ACA database. If someone does not have an official ACA number at the start of an insured course or event, they join on-site as an Event Member. I will have hard copies on hand at the put in. Turn in a copy of your Event Membership Form/ Liability Waiver to me either as a hard copy or email attachment and pay your $10 in person along with any remaining unpaid course fees.

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