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Whitewater Rafting



NNWW provides whitewater rafting instruction to the public in the form of Skills Development, Safety, and Swiftwater Rescue Courses for outdoor adventure enthusiasts operating their own watercraft. I offer accessible instruction that meets the need of the participant, from new boaters to experienced boaters ready to learn advanced skillsets or a different craft.


NNWW Services include ACA Level 4 Certified instruction for Rowing, Paddle Rafting, and Swiftwater Rescue.

Non ACA classes cover Inflatable kayaking, packrafting, and clinics focussing on specific skills.


Swiftwater Rescue

Level 4 courses that meet industry standards with 16 hours of instruction and certificate options.


Paddleraft & R2

Work with your team or partner to hone in communication and reading water the same way.



Start out rowing a lightweight boat with a day frame or advance to heavy gearboats and loading for an overnight trip.


Outfitter Partnerships

Book a Swiftwater Rescue or guide training for your 2023 guide staff. I will travel to your venue!

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Youth Specific

Family friendly custom classes! Minimum age 6, accompanied by an adult guardian.


One on one instruction

$300 a day, my boat or yours, rowing or paddling.


Packrafting & 

Inflatable Kayak

Paddle strokes, hydrology, self rescue, self support packing.

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Safety Boater

Safety for whitewater races, water based events, river clean ups, festivals & commercial trips

How do I sign up?


Create your own course

Get together a group of friends and email me to schedule a date and location.

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Request Private Instruction

Contact Nicole to schedule a day, or submit a request from the availability shown on the calendar.

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Book a course online

Some services already have a course date set and are available for the public to register online anytime.


What if I don't own a boat?

Nature Nicole Whitewater LLC operates as a Guide and Instructor, not an outfitter. Rental fleets and demo boats are available from other business in southern Oregon, see the Resources Page for more ideas if you require outfitting. ACA Level 4 Swiftwater Rescue courses include the use of a NNWW raft and a NNWW inflatable kayak as needed. Customers may contact me to inquire about the availability of NNWW rental boats for our courses, but availability is limited so it is better if you can supply your own craft. Rental rates are $100 for a raft and $50 for an inflatable kayak. NNWW rentals are only available to customers currently booked on a clinic, class, or course.

For questions and unsolicited advice:

Reviews for NNWW

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"Swift water training is not  just for the professional boater. As a private boater, I found this class to be a extremely valuable experience. I left with a greater confidence in my abilities and a deeper understanding whitewater safety.!"

~ Ben Swanson

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